Keys, Life Jackets, Paddles, and Gas

I’ve been driving boats since I was about ten years old.

I started with the little 9.9HP aluminum fishing boat. When I turned 14 my dad finally let me use “The Green Boat,” a mid-70’s, neon-green, fiberglass boat that quickly became my own.

Our cottage was on an island, so when friends from the city visited, we had to pick them up by boat.

One summer weekend, I had a group of friends coming to visit. That morning, I was so excited I ran down to the boat, turned the key, hammered the throttle down, and ripped over the mirror-calm water to pick them up. But with about 2 km’s left to go the boat suddenly slowed down. The engine’s roar simmered into a lull.

Then a sputter. Then silence.

At just about the edge of the lake I sat in a quiet, uncooperative vessel, completely out of gas. This certainly dulled my excitement as captain of the vessel.

“Keys, life-jackets, paddles, and gas.”

The system-check I had ingrained in me from childhood was promptly forgotten in my moment of excitement. I was the only one to blame.

Routine is key to creating a habit. Strong habits (particularly good ones) are an essential part of building a plan that can be relied upon even when life around us gets uncertain or frightful.

This is why great advisors are the ones who operate with a system to ensure consistency. Their meetings follow the same structure and revisit their client’s unique plan each and every meeting. It helps build effective habits and ensures that they, and their clients, are working towards a consistent vision with no distractions.

This article was written and provided by Evan Bernard. Evan’s advisor profile can be found here:


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